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a mod post that feels weirdly like breaking character

24th May 13

So I’ve had an upswing in followers recently? That’s unexpected but also delightful. Hi, followers! I hope you like 1. Harry Potter, & 2. fic. If you don’t, I think you’ve made a mistake, and in that case our tumblr-friendship will be very short and extremely tragic.

This is my HP fic tumblr. I started it to prove to myself that I could write short things. I think I’ve proven it, but I’m still writing, because writing’s a hard drug to quit. Almost everything I post here will be a picture followed by fic. That’s it. Nothing personal, no silly gifs, no witty reblogs: just fic. For all that other stuff, I’m actually over here.

I rarely publicly answer asks on this tumblr because I like to keep it to images and fic. Occasionally I will post submissions that catch my fancy, or reblog other fic/drabbles/graphics that I think are cool. If I don’t post or reblog you, it’s not because I hate you. It’s just that I either haven’t noticed, or I’ve forgotten, or it doesn’t fit with the tumblr theme, or I have eleven posts in queue that already cover the topic, or else you’re way back in my inbox and I can’t find you. Feel free to remind me. Feel free to be annoying about it. That’s totally fine by me.

I do take suggestions. If you’re dying to read about Mundungus Fletcher or Emmeline Vance or Yaxley the no-first-name Death Eater, let me know! I can’t promise that I’ll write you something, but at the very least it will put the character on my radar and then I’ll start to think about them a little more.

Finally, I should have followed you back? If you post fun and fannish stuff, then I’ve tried to follow you back, or I will be following you back in the coming weeks when I’ve had a chance to check out your tumblrs and have reassured myself that you aren’t a spambot or cruel to animals, or some kind of lone renegade Umbridge fan out to get the rest of the fandom. If I miss you for some reason, drop me a line saying HEY YOU JERK I’M OVER HERE AND I’M AWESOME, FOLLOW ME. And I will.

Also, this is the one non-Harry Potter related thing you will ever see on this tumblr, but should I be watching Vikings and/or Hannibal? Literally all you new people are watching Vikings and/or Hannibal. It’s kind of blowing my mind. I guess these things are excellent? Pls. let me know; my two favorite shows this year have both been cancelled, creating a void that only tumblr can fill.